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These curtian panel exceeded my expectation 100percent. The price is great they look expensive . Im going to buy more panels for my whole house they are really beautiful as elegant as they look in picture thats exactly how they are.
   Nanna Nunes
Got my washer used several years ago - It is a Kenmore Series 90 washer - worked fine, but one day it quit spinning and made a loud clicking noise when it was on the Spin Section of the cycle - googled this and it seems to be a common problem - disassembled the washer, coupler was cracked in 3, it had the coupler with the metal grommet thingy instead of being all plastic - reviews online indicated that it was best to get all plastic, so I ordered this one.  Installed it, washer works now very well.  Price is great too, I paid less than $4, so I bought 2 for less than 8, with free shipping.  Local appliance repair shop wanted 22 for 1.
   Oscar Liao

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