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Pandora rings has just released completely new line of watches

Pandora rings has just released completely http://www.pandoraholidayjewelry.com/pandora-rings new line of watches, and true to make many have interchangeable components, just like their alternative jewelry lines. With some of the watches there are compatible bezels, and with others you can find interchangeable watch bands. They've also been selling a kit that can assist you easily switch from just one bezel to another though they are fairly easy to change even without the use of a kit. There are several different styles available such as the Pandora Imagine line, Consider Grand Sports Line, Consider Grand Line, Pure Slimline Tier, Double Oblong Line and the Petite Circle and Small Square lines. The Imagine watches is also the main ones that have interchangeable bezels. There are usually several different bezels available including gold, silver, antique watches with black diamonds, yellow metal with white diamonds, magical with black diamonds in addition to silver with white precious gems. Naturally, the most expensive watches are individuals with the black diamonds followed by those with white precious gems. The Imagine Grand Sports watch is usually fairly pricey, at through $1, 000.

The Sports watch looks http://www.pandoraholidayjewelry.com/pandora-necklaces great featuring a black watch face and also easy to read amounts. You can not just choose the bezel, but you can choose which style of watch band you need also. There is a offering of leather bands from which to choose as well as link bands in both gold and silver. The beauty of this watch is that you can, for example, have the gold and the silver precious metal chains and switch the bands around dependant upon what you are using. Or, alternatively you can choose an alternative colored leather band that will accompany your other jewelry along with the clothing and style you are wearing at that time.

The most simplest design and http://www.pandoraholidayjewelry.com/pandora-necklaces style, I think, is this Pure Slimline watch. It's not necessarily terribly outstanding, being a fairly simple watch and watch face with a nice, easy to understand face. The bands presented in several different colors which include white, pink, black, and champagne colors and since with the Imagine collection these bands are compatible. You cannot switch by silver to gold within the bezel however, although you are able to buy either a precious metal watch or a silver watch. I like the look of the Petite Rectangular and Petite Circle watches though the face itself is a bit harder to read. This line carries a double leather watchband, tiny and thin to match the general style of the watch. Bands are available in many different classy colors.

Lastly, the Pandora http://www.pandoraholidayjewelry.com/pandora-necklaces Double Oblong watch is additionally quite small and feminine with a longer oblong shaped view face. This features interchangeable double leather straps--though there're slightly wider than those on the Petite line of wrist watches. If you are searching for a great Christmas treasure, you could not fail in choosing this. The particular watches are stylish, reasonably priced and of good top quality.

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